Nara's first guest house "Nara Ugaya Guesthouse" operated by biwa owner

The beginning "Nara". In this place that can not be essential, even when telling the history of Japan, guest house "Nara Ugaya guest house" which is a Nara Prefecture's first nine years be traced back is it was born from now before. Surprisingly the history of Nara's guest house is shallow, and owner Seto-san was born in Nara, not Wakayama. I simply asked why I chose this site so why I thought about trying to do a guest house, so I immediately told a story.


"Nara Ugaya guest house" is quietly in a quiet residential area of the 8-minute walk from 5 minutes Kintetsu Nara Station walk from JR Nara StationNestled, it is characterized appearance presenting the appearance of like Showa Retro net cafe-style. If it became an accommodation facility, I had anticipated somewhat gaudy appearance, but I am familiar with this cityscape without damaging the surrounding landscape.



As you enter inside, the lounge opens in front of you. Rather than a hotel guest each other can interact strongly is better impression relaxing in pace, three spaces are available in the same space. Even though I finished daringly in such a space, there is an intention of the owner, I would like to introduce it later in the interview.



It seems like a home-like space like being at home and the relaxed atmosphere of Nara are intertwined and it is possible to spend relaxing time.



The rooms are two types. This is a dormitory type room.



In addition, Japanese room type rooms are available.



This is Mr. Seto Ippei, owner of Nara Guest House. I was impressed by the person who is very soft and talking in nature. I would like to introduce the strange edge at the guest house, and further the unexpected feat of Seto-san, from the opportunity that I wanted to operate the guest house quickly.


Hello! Thank you for your time today. It is quick, but please tell me how Seto lived to start the guest house.


Seto's: How did that I wanted to try to do a guest house, I do not mean that there is a direct relationship, but it went to the pilgrimage. There are many people who are familiar with the pilgrimage recently because it is often taken up in the media, but to worship the Shikoku watersports' spiritual places all by themselves. At that time, I will stay in a different hotel while walking and moving everyday, but there are people meeting the same way as I and the people who are traveling in Shikoku, together You eat rice or something, do not you think? It may be that it was a big opportunity to remember now that it was somewhat fun and interested for the first time in a place to be an encounter.


- You have experience of going to the pilgrimage! What kind of work did Seto do at that time?


Seto's: I was working originally in certain musical instrument manufacturer. Now I am doing a guest house in Nara like this, but actually I am from Wakayama Prefecture.


- Wakayama, not Nara! So, why not start a guesthouse in Nara?


Seto's: born is's a Wakayama, proceed to college after graduating from high school in Nara, there is also to say is also responsible for the subsequent employment was certain musical instrument maker was Nara, but it is do deep edges and Nara. After going to the pilgrimage, I began to be interested in lodging management, but when I make it from scratch it is necessary to pay as much money as possible, so when I was thinking that I could manage a lodging with existing buildings, the guest house I heard that. After that, starting from staying at a guest house in the local Wakayama, Kyushu, Okinawa, Miyako, Ishigaki, etc. went around and visited various guest houses. After that, when I examined the guesthouse well, there was no guest house in Nara at that time. So, if you start to operate the guesthouse Nara.


- It is exactly "the beginning of the land, Nara" It is lol Do you feel that what is the attraction of Nara seen from Seto?


Seto's: Since I was originally like the Buddha, Nara number of Buddhist statues that have been designated a national treasure among the Japanese is the national top it only We are still attractive, spacious of Nara, is laid-back feeling of air I like it. People who visited Nara often say this, but it is a place where the flow of time really felt slowly. And when you visit from knowing history you can enjoy a hundred times. Despite being a sightseeing spot, there is no garbage feeling at all, and it is also the charm of Nara to be able to turn around the city to my own pace.



Over you I also become the fourth time to visit Nara in today, because Do the flow of time is spacious feel really. By the way, whether they operate a guest house 9 nearly a year, there was something impressive episode?


Seto-san: Well, think you are much not counted anymore smile for example, has talked to went to earlier pilgrimage, I had a certain woman I met in the midst of the pilgrimage, just that I open a guest house Sometimes she came to play and drew an illustration. I was sticking the picture on the toilet all the time, but one morning when I saw that picture suddenly told the customer "Please show me the child who painted this picture", when asked for details, a certain publisher I was the editor of. And when I told her to that effect and introduced her to the editor, she became a cartoonist unexpectedly lol


Well, is there such a thing? Did that woman originally wanted to be a manga artist?


Seto-san: No, No way is that he is a cartoonist! I think that she was most surprised.


- That is amazing. If the editor was not staying here, it might have been a different life.


Seto's: By the way, this is the cartoon depicting its children.



- Oh, is this possibly Ugaya Guesthouse?


Seto's: That's right. My guest house is a cartoon on the stage. Besides, it is related to manga somehow, and it is also introduced in the manga named "Lost record" by Takehito Tatema.



Well, this character is ... ,,,


Seto's: That's right. I am a lol


- It seems that "instrument" and onomatopoeia protrude one frame, something is being played on the instrument, but what is this?


Seto's: The Satsuma biwa. It will be pretty rare. I will look it? (Go to the back of the front and get Satsuma biwa)

Oh! I learned in history class so I somehow remember the shape, but for the first time to see the real thing.


Seto's: but it is. Nobody is playing the biwa now.


- Why did you decide to play the biwa? Did you say the parent was a biwa player?


Seto-san: No, from me I was recommended to the teacher of acupuncture smile had been playing the instrument from long ago knew why, is said to be "? Why do not you soon begin a musical instrument", "What is good When I heard that "Is not it because I was doing drums because biwa is good?" Since I had never heard of lol biwa, it was "?" At the beginning, but now it's already full of hammer I got it.



It is interesting that Biwa is a pinpoint. By the way, will you tell me a little bit about that sound?


Seto-san: Yes, it is good.



(After this, you got a section up and enjoyed Seto's biwa performance.)


- Thank you for a wonderful performance. When you stayed at Ugaya Guest House, you can also listen to Seto's Biwa performance with a bonus.


Seto's: I want to hear the sound of the lute! And if there is a request I will be willing to play!


- It might be pleasing to foreigners who stay.


Seto-san: Well, because I do not think very much like the opportunity to hear the traditional Japanese musical instrument, the audience who would gladly is often.


I did not think today I can listen to live performances of Biwa in this way. Thank you for telling me an interesting story today. Finally, please give a word to readers.


Seto's: Nara Ugaya guest house, never to force the exchange of each other hotel guest. For those who stay, I hope to relax and have a relaxing time at my own pace. Those who are sightseeing in Nara can introduce recommended sightseeing spots and cafes, so please come and visit Nara by all means.



How was that? Seto-san of the owner who cooperated in this interview covered a soft atmosphere, and the space of the guest house is also finished in a place where Mr. Seto's personality is represented as it is. Even short stay or long stay is reasonable, you can spend your own pace, so if you would like to enjoy traveling leisurely it is a guest house you would definitely recommend.


If you are thinking about traveling to Nara, please come and visit "Nara Ugaya Guesthouse" by all means.



Jellyfish, which are kept in the PS ↑ guest house. The inside of the water tank Yurari Yurari, also fun between when a view of the jellyfish who turns round and round. Dyson 's fan heater may be mistaken.


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