【By sightseeing type】 Enjoy everything within walking distance! Kyoto Tour

Kyoto City, 2014, will be 2015 and the first place in the tourist city rankings of the second year in a row the world, also Ranked # 6 in2016 and its popularity has still followed.


I would like to introduce the charm of such Kyoto by the four tourist types of gourmet · historical culture · landscape · deep spot.This time we will introduce only the spots that can be reached within walking distance without using transportation facilities such as trains. aaa


1. ... If you enjoy the [gourmet]


If you enjoy Kyoto cuisine, Pontocho street! In the cobbled street of which is located between the downtown Kamogawa, relatively reasonable food shop where you can enjoy the Kyoto cuisine in less than 5000 yen 1 helpful lined many.


There are many wooden buildings that have refurbished the town house like Kyoto, and the beautiful places are attractive even when taking pictures. If you are committed to gourmets, please stop by and visit us.

Nishiki Market

Almost all Kyoto's unique ingredients such as perishable ingredients in Kyoto, dry matter, pickles, fairytale, etc. will be available here. It is crowded with lots of people from weekdays and it is a spot that can not be avoided if you go out to eat.


2. ... If you want to feel the [History and Culture]

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is a sightseeing spot in Gion which is full of colorful atmosphere. It was founded before the Heian period and is said to be famous for the benefits of disappearance of plague and healing of disease.


In addition, "Gion Festival" that takes place every July is a festival of the Yasaka Shrine, visited by a lot of spectators, including local residents.


3. ... If you want to enjoy the scenery []

Gion Shirakawa
 Image: Http://Photo53.Com/

Speaking of scenery like Kyoto this Gion Shirakawa. The street along the Gion Shirakawa is a beautiful spot with cobblestones covered with town shops such as restaurants. Cherry blossom trees are also famous, and are also lighted up every year when they are in full bloom.


Because it is in the flower street of Gion, you may see the place where Maiko walks at night. Drama and movie shooting are also frequent scenery, it is a crowded cityscape that I want to keep in the photograph once.


Kamogawa is located in the middle of the downtown area of ​​Kyoto, and in the evening it is lit up by the surrounding buildings and it becomes a beautiful view. When you stand at the Shijyo Ohashi and Sanjyo Ohashi, you can see the scenery of Kyoto and take pictures beautifully.


The river side is also famous as a place where couples sit and chat. Why do not you take a break and stop by and stop by and see?


4. ... If you enjoy the Kyoto [deep spot]

Nishikiya cho

Kiya Machi Street is full of bars as a drinking town, and a lot of eating and drinking establishments are open until morning. Among them, deep spots where locals visit are often Nishikiya Machi area.


It is a hideaway spot where cafes and nightclubs are densely populated, as well as small dining bars and standing drinkers, while small alleys are many small areas. Many people walk to drink until the first train, the weekend has been said that it is often begin to congestion from around the 12 o'clock at night.

How was it?


In Kyoto which continues to evolve newly while leaving tradition, there are still many attractive spots that are not on the guidebook.


All the places introduced this time can be reached on foot, so I would like to enjoy Kyoto in a day! If you are interested in it, please do a tour of the sightseeing spot.


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