A selection of beef restaurants in Kyoto

Are you hungry? You will be when you are done reading this! We selected for you some of the best beef restaurants of Kyoto. 

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Koubemisono Kyototen

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This is a very ancient steakhouse: the restaurant opened its doors in 1945! It is allegedly the birthplace of Japans griddle steak. Here, among many others, you can taste one of the best cooked black beef in Kyoto.


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203-9 Shimokorikicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8016.

Tel: 81 75-253-6550

Located in Pontocho alley, Teppai provides you the best wagyu beef you could think of! It is called ohmi beef, which is the best black beef meat ever.This is a barbecue restaurant: you have a barbecue at your own table and you can grill your beef slices as you like. We advise you to order the taster platter, so you can taste a wider range of beef parts: from sirloin to short ribs! 


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20-10 Sagatenryuji Setogawacho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8376

Here, you can taste the Murasawa beef. Less known than the Kobe beef, it is as delicious! It is also a little bit expensive: 150g for 5 900 yens, but it is worth all of it. English menus available. 

Kyoto Katsugyu

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6-583 Gojobashihigashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0846

Less popular than the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) or the torikatsu (chicken cutlet), gyukatsu is still a must-try in Japan. The high-quality beef is fried on the outside but medium cooked on the inside, making it both crusty and tender! You can season your beef with a wide range of sauces: do not miss the wasabi sauce nor the Worcestershire sauce though, both being the restaurant’s speciality! 

Enjoy your meal!

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