Let’s create the “value of sharing” and deliver it to the world.

Today, we have officially started the Share Ticket (https://shareticket.jp) with the concept of “experiencing the extraordinary”.

At the beginning, we were aiming to cope with wide range of categories such as individual service trading. But as we started the business, we realized that demands for short term stay and local community experience services were high than expected. Regarding the fact, we decided to revise the direction of our website, specializing in hotel and experience.

Interesting fact is that after we established the policy, people who are in favor of traveling and love the guest houses gathered naturally and we were able to establish Share Ticket Co.,ltd. which is the 100% subsidiary of Tokyo Share House. We have set head office in Kyoto, acquired travel agency license, and started the business as of today.

Share Ticket will dig into local daily life more than other traveling websites and will suggest story-telling guest houses and unique experience which you can gain insight of the local culture and history.

We are to build a future that able people using our service to connect with local life and community, understand values outside from your ordinary life, and help find the lifestyle of your dreams.

The places we offer is more centered on guesthouses and Japanese style hotel called “ryokan” than just apartment rooms which is the style popular from high inbound demands. We plan to put emphasis on communication with local inhabitants than just expanding business.

Our member will visit places as many as possible, like Tokyo Share House has done, and together with the locals will introduce and revitalize the community. We may not see the whole picture yet, but it’s our plan so far.

Me myself love traveling and had visited various guest houses in my 20’s. It is my dream-come-true to actually be able to participate in developing this business. I believe that people running hotels also like to travel like me

By issuing this Share Ticket magazine, we would like to share movie-like experience stories of those travel lovers.

Successful business men you see in the front page of magazines often say things like “I want to make impact to the world and change it”. I came to think more often that it may be important nowadays to communicate to the world the “value and dignity of things, not necessary to make everything change”

Although artificial intelligence and virtual reality is due to become part of our daily life, every technology will only be evaluated after making our lives better. When we are in the cities, we might lose chances to experience things that are ample in suburbs.

The way you see the world reflects your true feelings. We wish to build services that have effects on people’s feelings and that it creates new value by connecting people.

Through “Share Ticket” we hope to provide services that create connection and help you find places you feel like home. Please look forward to the further progress of Share Ticket and Tokyo Share House.

Shareticket Co.,Ltd.

CEO  Tetsuro Moriyama