Base of the new journey that was able to Kamakura "WeBase Kamakura"

The ancient capital of Kamakura to feel the history, in September 2016, also the site of one journey was opened.

The name is "WeBase (Wee-based) Kamakura".


Surrounded by lush mountains, spread Shonan of the sea there is a "WeBase Kamakura" in this area. As well as accommodation, restaurants, and a yoga studio, it is popular as a hub spot connecting locals and tourists through various activities and experiences.

In Kamakura To the base of a new journey "WeBase Kamakura"

Location'd love to stop by always When you visit the Kamakura location "Yuigahama".

What about 4 minutes walk from the nearest Yuigahama Station. You can reach the sea of ​​Yuigahama beach in the same time on foot.


Those who visited Yuigahama Beach by swimming are said to be along the road where most people have passed,

Discovering a huge building in a quiet residential area where such a sea drifts nearly relaxed air feeling. So, this is the "WeBase".

4-minute walk from Yuigahama, like appearance, such as the villa.

When I shifted to the nearby, discover the WeBase's logo. There seems no mistake here.

The appearance is It is surrounded by a green wall, so I can not grasp the whole thing.

At a glance, someone's villa? The appearance which seems to also think. Go through the automatic door and go inside.

Interior decorated with a sense of cleanliness comes in and enters. There is no element that smells old-fashioned.


At the entrance, beautiful Morocco and Japanese receptionist Mrs. Received a procedure promptly.

But is the rates to be worried about, for it I signed up at the reception is 4 people dormitory room per night ¥ 3400! Moreover, it is breakfast included.

With this quality this reasonable pricing, it is a surprise.


The way of settlement is that it is possible to pay both the cash on the day and the card payment.


The building has three stories, first in the room on the second floor.

Well, let 's go to the room to let go of the baggage we can not keep up if we accept the reception.


The building is all three floors. There are a living room part to all of the floors, the 1F restaurants, B1F loose With a relaxing lounge and a yoga lesson studio and bathroom, laundry and more I have facilities.


Well, let's go to the room following the directions. The room number to rely on the second floor of the room I will climb the stairs.

Every room that is evenly spaced is a room,

Also in the dormitory there were several different rooms with accommodation figure according to the number of persons, and in the private room I thought that it was a facility that can accommodate various needs such as Japanese style rooms and family type rooms prepared.

This time we stayed in the dormitory room. Open the door on the corridor side and enter the inside, there are two more rooms.

The room was not opened from the beginning, but unlocks by touching the card key received at the front to the door knob.


This bedroom is here. It is large enough. It seems that all beds are using the Italian high-fidelity mattress (Dolmio) of Tokyo Nishikawa. It certainly fits comfortably to fit the system so that the coccyx sinks when lying down.


It is already hotel level from how to prepare sheets.

As a foreigner could understand, the way of bet making was expressed using photographs.


By the way it seems to be a ban on eating and drinking in a dormitory room. It seems there is a lounge so let's eat there.


There is a bistro where you can enjoy fresh seafood purchased at Miura and Shonan.


Now, let 's explore to explore the whole facility at places where it has become easy.


First of all start from the previous 1F Reception space. Go from the entrance to the front, and then to the back.


I saw a bookshelf on the stairs and walls that continued to the upper and lower floors.

Although it seems that bright light is plugged in from the other side of the bookshelf ,,,,

When I opened the door next to the bookshelf it was a restaurant there.

It is a restaurant that can be integrated with facilities and used by outside guests as well as guests. The breakfast is said to eat here.


The shop name is "Brasseri Gent".

It is a bistro that you can enjoy wine and seafood purchased at Miura and Shonan.


On the front of the bright kitchen there was a showcase where fish was displayed and a bar counter next to it.


It looks tasty fish as you see it. I hear that you can choose the fish you want to eat from here.

Even in the case of a single person, it may be nice to drink in the comfort here. Try to find your favorite sake.


Atmosphere of the restaurant is the dandy space by jazz taste of BGM flowing from here of large speakers.


Brasseri Gent is possible visiting even from the outside. The appearance illuminated by the light is transmitted as a calm shop even though it is glittery.


Why do not you visit by presenting an outstanding atmosphere of value that you bring to the final plan of Shonan dating to those who care about you.

For Brasseri Gent in so far, let's get back to the inside. A lounge anxious to B1F area!

A fulfilling shared space. Let 's plan the next day.

This is the lounge. I am feeling restlessness that can be relaxed though modern design by incorporating Kamakura-like color tone that suppressed bright color.

There are several spaces where you can sit, and there are places to crawl in it.

It can also be utilized in the working space so that also through wireless LAN. However, we did not find an outlet, so we recommend you use it in a state where charging is sufficient.


MacPC was also prepared three. Where shall we go to Kamakura the next day?

Pendant light full of design.

Information magazine has a lot related to Kamakura. Although it is good to search by digital, there are also interesting things because it is analog.

Also on the wall there are shops with gourmets that people who know the Kamakura area know,

There was a guide version with photos on the places of famous sightseeing spots. Moreover, in English. It is saved for foreign tourists.

Like that of the lounge have space to yoga in the opposite direction to B1F area.


Unfortunately, I did not do yoga lessons on time on the day, the door was closed and I could not visit. The user, that of the possible courses from a special fee of 1 class 1,000 yen. Please visit when you visit.


Next to the yoga studio there is a bathroom. And it passes through the goodwill of Mens.


This is a chic dressing room. Rattling the door on the right.


Shower five in here. Of course the amenities are equipped with shampoo, rinse and body soap.


There was a big bathtub in the back. Weekdays few people, around 18:00 in Germany in the rattle that I visited It was an occupancy state.

By the way, the bathroom 16: 00 ~ 24: 00 is available in between. Would you like to use as soon as possible?

After hanging in a bathtub, I found a misleading door when I was hanging around.


Something or says that BeachAccess. When I opened the door with gachach, outside wind blew in.

So, here is welcome facilities for surfers can use the shower without entering from the entrance up from the sea!

You can also rinse the tool here with fresh water. Because there is also a board locker, it seems to be convenient as a base for enjoying marine sports in Shonan.


Happy breakfast service AM7: 00 ~.

Well, getting up at 6:00 to spend a night in the dormitory rooms. Since the time of the breakfast, which is incorporated in the room charge is such that from 7:00 until it bathed in a warm hot water in the shower room that can be used 24 hours,

Just the one that is the preparation of the return before 07:00. I went to the restaurant just in the open time.

Breakfast was a lineup such as light cereal, granola, bread.


You can choose the bread +4 kind of bread freely.


Warm up at the neighbor's toaster,

A bread bubbled out quickly while he was doing it. I can choose between drinks such as coffee, tea, milk and orange juice so I choose orange juice.

This season of November, let's eat on the terrace because it is a little chilly for much trouble. The air in Kamakura's morning is fresh and transparent.


Well. The bread I am all types, are hidden and + serial, but the potato salad.

Perhaps I was too greedy, but my stomach swollen enough.

Why? We introduced this time "WeBase".


In general, it seems that accommodation facilities with specifications like hotels are called hostels rather than guesthouses.

Even so, this facility that can stay in Kamakura with a price setting superior to the guesthouse and can receive lessons of yoga and surfing is just the short-term accommodation industry's cutting edge.


We also recommend using everyone when visiting Kamakura.

A wonderful journey just here in Kamakura.

   シェアチケット・ホストインタビュー      ドラマー Yuji Watanabe