Cozy space getting on well with MINOWA –IEKEI- “Sato san’s Rest” Guest house like your home.

Nowadays as the globalization increasingly progresses, people’s living including houses and food has been diversified same time, which results in losing Japanese traditional way of living. While, we found some regions in Tokyo where it is still remaining.

That’s here “MINOWA”.

In the shopping street here in “MINOWA”, one guest house “Sato san’s Rest” are located in obscurity, where people may feel as if they had been transported through time. We will introduce here as the place where you can enjoy Japanese traditional cultures for those who come from overseas countries and also where you can experience old style living way for Japanese tourists.

Located at very accessible place you will not be lost!

I myself didn’t know well about the place Minowa so much, but when I came here I got surprised how it is convenient to reach this place. After only 5 minutes ride from Kitasenjyu station taking Tokyo metro train Hibiya line, it will bring you to “Minowa station” where is the nearest station to “Sato san’s Rest”.

From the station, you only need to walk 8 minutes to reach “Sato san’s Rest”. But still there are other way to visit this place. If you take “Toden Arakawa sen” which is the only streetcar in Tokyo, and get off at “Arakawaichuumae” station then it will only take 1 minutes on foot.

Most of the time, people who come here at Tokyo for the first time may think it is too complicated inside the station and they may feel that they are in the maze. Actually, many people here are sticking on maps in their cellphone in order to get to their destination. However, the way to access Minowa is really simple and you can enjoy your transportation without any worry.

Masterpiece of Japanese style "Wa"

“Sato san’s Rest” is full of atmosphere of “Wa” which is synonym of “Japan”. So, let’s go inside now. As soon as you enter the house, you can see a map of the building written all in English. This may help foreigners during their stay.

1st Floor is homely space! Enjoy Tatami & Kotatsu.

It is the common space on the first floor so, you can enjoy communicating with other guests on the big sofa or doing your own job here. Also, you can spend your time calmly on Tatami with feeling Japanese style life.

Japanese traditional craft product such as deuce ball and Daruma were there at this space. Also, Kotatsu is placed here, which may let you experience real “Wa”.

Recently, fashionable western style houses are increasing everywhere in Japan, but at “Sato san’s Rest”, by feeling chic “Wa” style, you can enjoy Japanese traditional way of living which we had left in the past.

3 types room are here! It may remind you of your schooldays...

There were three types of room at this guesthouse.


Mixed dormitory was wood patterned and clean room.

Female dormitory and private room are in Japanese style Tatami rooms. With this calm environment, you can relax ad sleep well after chatting with your roommate a little. It is really like school trip which we have experienced in the past.

Stories about the owner "Nana".

In the past, I was traveling around many countries as a visitor or working holiday visa holder. Sometimes I returned to my country, but I had been traveling about 4 and a half years in total. As I increased time spending my life at overseas countries, I came up with my mind that I really love Japan especially because of its food and climate.

Many local people at each country had treated us in good ways, so I thought it was our turn to introduce our country, Japan. I wanted everybody to know some points related to our daily lives, for example Japanese people are not eating sushi everyday and it is normal for us to have Western style food like pasta, too.

I visited many remains and tourist spots during my journey and of course every place were fabulous. But what made me impressed more was the “communication” with local people and “experience” spending time with them in their normal lives. That’s why I wanted to make a place where guests from overseas can experience our daily lives and not only exploring sight-seeing spots

Also, we thought that if many tourists will come here from all over the world, then we may feel we are also going on a journey in our daily lives by communicating with them.

What is the concept of Sato san’s Rest?

It is “IEKEI”, which means place like your home.


By staying at our guest house, we will be happy if visitors from overseas can feel like being at Japanese style home instead of hotel and guests from Japan can feel going back your second home at Tokyo. In fact, some regular guests who have already visited us for 2 or 3 times always come back to our house saying “Hi, I’m back!”.


Also, some people came back and stayed at our house for just reporting us about results of their examination or job.

Our guest house is not big and we are running it only by our family, therefore me or my husband, mother or sister are here anytime. So, you can often hear somebody saying “I’m back home!” and “Welcome back” as a real family.

How is Minowa City?

When I came to Minowa for the first time, I thought that I was being lost in the old film in Showa.


This spot has not become a sightseeing place and it remains good old style living. It seems that many students are living here too because it is convenient place to access to main stations, and prices of things are comparatively low than other places. Many things are priced lower than central of Tokyo, therefore I always get surprised when I go to Izakaya in Tokyo after Minowa. Every necessary thing can be arranged at shopping streets here, so I cannot leave this city any more because it is really comfortable!

To people who will Minowa...Have great fun here !

Please come to talk to us and ask anything like “I want to go this kind of place!”, “I want do like this” or “Where can I buy this?” anytime! Even if we don’t know the answer, we can search about it together!

We will try our best to support you so that your trip to Tokyo will be truly fun and the memory cannot be forgotten. I hope that we can be as your second house in Tokyo. All of our family will be waiting everybody who we had not met yet at our guest hour “Sato san’s Rest”!

How was the guest house?


“Sato san’s Rest” will treat you well with Japanese traditional ways, making use of their experience of travelling foreign countries.


Why don’t you visit here as your second home town with exploring old style city and be connected with other people here.


You will surely feel basking in the love of warm family!